Itinerary 2


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Staffolo (AN), Fonte di San Francesco, XIII sec. Staffolo (AN), Fonte di San Francesco, XIII sec.
Staffolo (AN), Portale della chiesa San Francesco. Staffolo (AN), Portale della chiesa San Francesco.

The itinerary continues to Staffolo, a charming town with Lombard origins. In the countryside of Staffolo, you can make a stop at a miraculous spring brought forth by St. Francis during his journey, and thus surrounded by local devotion. Above the spring stands a small church where a Gothic inscription placed by the Minister General Crescenzio da Jesi (1244-1247) once commemorated St. Francis’ visit: HANC EDUXIT ORATIO B. FRANCISCI CUM EGIDIO PRECANTIS – ANNO DOMINI 1210 – CRESCENTIUS AB. ESIO FIERI FECIT 1244: “This spring was brought forth by the prayer of Blessed Francis together with Brother Egidio in the year of the Lord 1210. Crescenzio da Jesi placed it in the year 1244” (A. TALAMONTI, Cronistoria dei Frati Minori della Provincia Lauretana delle Marche, Sassoferrato, 1938, 4).

Staffolo also preserves the Church and part of the cloister of San Francesco from the 13th century, featuring a beautiful Gothic portal from the 14th century. The interior, reconstructed in the Baroque style, has a single nave. The current structure has a triumphal arch in the center and a cupola. Notable works of art are preserved here: The “Eterno Padre e quattro Santi” by Maffeo Verona (1576-1618), Madonna e Santi by Filippo Bellini (1530- 1603), and other Baroque paintings, one of which depicts Staffolo from the 16th-17th century. The organ by the renowned Venetian organ builder Gaetano Callido was restored in 1989. The octagonal bell tower is located outside and directly against the city wall.

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